BOOK REVIEW: You never know, Akash Verma


There will be times when you feel you have the best relationship, ever There will be times when it will be the worst that has happened to you There will be times when you know you are getting into something terrible; something that will not stop till it destroys you And yet . . . You will be pulled into it so inextricably, unstoppably . . . Dhruv knew Anuradha was his true love. So, despite being married with kids, he still went ahead with their affair. He hid it from his wife and his colleagues. He told lies so he could be with her-it was that amazing! But he couldn’t save himself from the dark secret she was keeping. It pulled him into a vortex of danger so deep that he lost all he had. It happened to him and if you think it can’t happen to you think again.


The tagline—sometimes love can drag you through hell is the main theme around which this story is weaved. This is a romantic thriller, and I felt the cover design totally fits. The story revolves around the lives of Dhruv, Shalini and Anuradha. The story opens with Dhruv being promoted as the branch head of C&M company. He is hardworking and dedicated, and is happily married and has two beautiful children. Druv’s wife, Shalini, is a psychiatrist and runs her own clinic.

Anuradha is a new joinee in C&M. She is talented and creative, and with her passion and creativity she manages to bring a major project to C&M. This project brings her close to Dhruv. He is drawn towards her right from the time she first stepped into the office. He tries to fight this feeling, but eventually gives in. But will her secrets destroy everything he has?

I’m okay with love triangles, but I don’t like reading about cheating. That’s a minus, but that’s just for me. We can find people like Dhruv, Anuradha and Sid in our society. The author has crafted a story that is highly relatable. The language is simple and easy to comprehend. The writing is so beautiful that it holds the interest of the readers right from the first page. You will be left hanging at the end of each chapter, and will want to know more. This is a definite page turner. This book is perfect for a short trip, flight or just to come out of a reading slump.

My Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Random House India (18 September 2017)
  • Language: English

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** I received a copy of the book from the Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review**

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