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BOOK REVIEW: Adventures in Farland, Moshank Relia

Format: eBook
Genre: Children’s fantasy
Publisher: Rumour Books India


On a misty Sunday, Mira and her two friends, Bira and Vira, set out on a hike to Gunhill to shoot some balloons and have fun. Little did they know about the adventure awaiting them. Mira grew up hearing stories about Farland and has always dreamed about it. She gets invited by Princess Harmonica of Farland. Not willing to let this chance slip by, Mira sets out on a journey to this magical land.

But things take a turn for the worse once she reaches. There’s a witch who is trying to destroy the land and they have to stop her before it’s too late. This is Mira’s journey, the trials and tribulations she faces when she tries to save the magical land. Filled with fairies, gnomes, dragons, giants, all things magical, Farland is any child’s dream come true.


The writing is simple and easy. This book is a great way to introduce some new words to your kids. I love the illustrations, and it helps the kids imagine and associate with the story better. It is so refreshing.


All the characters were unique, and I liked how the author had named them; Queen Halo, Princess Harmonica, Starhead, Candy Man, etc. My favourites were Queen Halo and Mastiff. There is a lesson to learn from each one of these characters. Mastiff teaches us to stay calm and collected, and to think and then act. Bira and Vira get punished for being naughty. I felt it is a great way to teach kids some moral values.


I really enjoyed reading this book. It is a quick and fun read. Its been so long since I read a children’s fantasy book, and I realised I should do this more often. If you are looking for a book for your children/niece/nephew, I highly recommend it. I will recommend this,  if you are looking for something light and quick after a heavy read. Never too old to read a children’s book, right?

MY RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received an eBook from The Book Planet PR team in exchange for an honest review.

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