BOOK REVIEW: The Indigo Sun, Rupa Bhullar.

Publisher: Rupa publications India
Genre: Contemporary (Philosophical)
Pages: 282


This is Maya’s journey, a young NRI woman looking for some answers. Maya and her family lived in Jaipur. Everything was perfect, and then one day, all that came to an end. Her dad passed away and that left a void in her that could never be filled. Her mom with some assistance from her brother managed to move to the US. She took Maya with her and gave her a platform to start her life all over again.

Maya went to medical school and graduated as a psychiatrist. She started her own clinic and everything looked picture perfect. She had a good career, made lots of money, owned a fancy place and had a great partner who ran a successful hedge fund. But that void was still there within. She felt suffocated and choked. Her world suddenly starts crumbling down. She had lots of question but no answer to them.

She realises that she should start looking for answers and ends up in Jaipur, the only other place she calls home. She meets Ananda, a little boy, son of the hotel Darban, and befriends him. She is surprised by his wisdom and learns that his godfather, Hukum, teaches him a lot via emails. Maya reads a few of his emails and is instantly drawn to him. She believes this person understands her better. She writes her thoughts., and Ananda passes them to Hukum. Hukum begins to guide her through her journey. Ananda’s mom requests her to come and stay with them. There she meets Leela, a gypsy. She also meets Veer Pratap Singh, a well respected, socially driven, successful entrepreneur from London.

Together they embark on a journey and help her find her true self. She travels places looking for answers. Does she find them? Is she home finally?


To be honest, philosophical books are really not my cup of tea. I accepted to review this book because I genuinely wanted to give it a chance. I’m not disappointed. I did take a lot of time to get into this book. It felt a tad bit slow and way too philosophical to me for the first 100 pages but after that I really started enjoying the book. Once Pia, Maya’s friend’s character is introduced, I personally felt the story took off from there. I really love her character. The way she lives her life really inspired me. Not taking too much pressure and living everyday to the fullest. Her Dadi is another character that I really enjoyed reading about. I feel the author has done a good job with the characterisation.

There are few mistakes here and there, but that’s because I received an uncorrected proof copy. I’m sure they will be corrected in the finished copy. There are some really beautiful lines in the book that I shall go back to from time to time. It serves as a great inspiration to readers. As I mentioned earlier, I had few issues with the starting but the second half felt well balanced.

MY RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.75

Overall, despite the initial struggle I really had a good time reading this. If you enjoy reading philosophical books, definitely pick this one. If you’re new to this genre, like me, it is a good one to start off.

To buy this book, click here.

**I got a copy from Rupa Publications India in exchange of an honest and unbiased review**

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